Family Fall Fun

the leaves are changing!

It seems like here in Oklahoma, Autumn decided to wait until the very last minute to make it's appearance. This year, we have been blessed with warm weather up until the last possible moment. We can still wear our shorts while we play in the leaves.

Autumn in Oklahoma is one of the nicest times of the year. It feels like someone turned on the air-conditioning outside, the sun has a softness to it, and being outside is all we really want to do. It is the time of family outings, raking of the leaves (and jumping into them), and the perfect time to start your outside exercise again.

Washington Irving Park, located right off of 137th and Memorial is the perfect place to enjoy all of your fall activities. It is a beautiful place where one can take a leisure walk in the afternoon, or have a perfect family picnic while the kids play a game of football or soccer nearby. It is covered in a variety of trees. As you enjoy the afternoon, it is like being under a canopy.

The walking path is one of the best in Tulsa County. Take a relaxed stroll down the pathway into a world where modern inconveniences do not exist. There are no busy roads to be careful of, you are nestled into a forest of trees where your walk can take you far away from everyday life. It is just you and nature.

Washington Irving Park is the perfect place to let your children enjoy nature, watching the birds in the treetops and the squirrels finding their acorns for the winter. This is the time of year that they are all most active as they prepare for the long winter night. Ask your children as you walk to count the squirrels or to find acorns for the them. Maybe you could help them discover all the different sounds of the birds and their songs. It is the perfect family outing.




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