What do we do after we eat the Turkey?

With Thanksgiving just around the holiday, we know our lives are starting to get busier and busier as we prepare for the Christmas Season. Thanksgiving is the when this entire time seems to get the race started. Black friday has become as big of a day as Thanksgiving itself.

Mother's and father's rush around the week before Thanksgiving preparing all of the wonderful food planned for this big day. It has become a national day of eating, from Grandma's famous sweet potato casserole, to Aunt Betty's stuffing. We just can't seem to get enough! The food seems to take hours to prepare and seconds to eat. Our entire week of preparation comes down to, at the most, 45 minutes of eating.

So, then what do we do? Some will lay their heads down and pretend to watch football, but is that the way to waste our vacation day? The children aren't tired, they are wanting to run, now that they have eaten enough sugar to send their energy to 11!

It is the perfect time to enjoy the afternoon at the Park. After we eat, why not take that family walk and talk about all of those things you are thankful for. Sometimes, our indulgence gets in the way of what Thanksgiving really is. As you walk, look around and enjoy what nature has given us.

We live in a wonderful country. A country that first found the pilgrims without food for a long winter until the Native American's shared their bounty with them. The bounty brought forth by this land that we live in. As you walk, talk about all of the wonderful blessings in your life and let your children speak of theirs. You might be surprised at some of their answers.

As you walk, have the children look for all of the different kinds of leaves that have fallen from the trees. Washington Irving Park is home to a large variety of trees. It will be a perfect scavenger hunt to see how many different leaves you can gather in an afternoon.

This thanksgiving, look for me at the park. I will be there with my three grandsons. Gathering leaves and giving thanks for all that God has provided for us.




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